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All righty people!! This story is going to be in English, cause this weekend we had an awesome time with some locals and they wanted to have a look at my site as well.

Last Friday it was Northern Territory Day and we celebrated that @ Troy's place with a BBQ,  firework and heaps of booz. This time I could drink as well :), cause we could spend the night there. Not that we got a lot of sleep... We were sleeping in our campervan on the driveway but not with just the two of us like always, but with the four of us. Georgie, Duke, Kitty and I. It was a bit tight but fun!! The next day we 'had' :) to start of with some smirnoff. We wanted to go to the V8 Supercars that day and its a really good thing if ya can get a bit drunk before ya go there... It saves money....

We had a superduper time @ the V8 supercars. For instance there was entertainment that two cars were spinning on the track if there wasn't a race at the moment.

There was also some live entertainment from the guys from our group.

Ha ha, didn't thougth I would do that, ay? If I'm not wrong...from the left to the right... Pete, Troy, Georgie, Pratty, Duke, Noagy (hope I spelled it right).

And yeah, the races were good as well.

That day we had an afterparty @ Troy's place, but when we were on our way to his place ... the guys saw a shoppingcar which they couldn't resist, ha ha.

The next day we started of with some Bourbon and Coca Cola as breakfast. The V8 Supercars was also on Sunday and we had a ticket for that day as well. This was such an awesome day!!! Instead of just watching the race ... Duke and I also went to the start/finish and to the pitlane express. If you heard the engines running (HARD!!!) at the start....WAUW, that was WICKED!!

Nearby the pittstop ya had all the racingcars in line.

The Lotus cars

The utes

The V8 Supercars

After the races I went with a few people from the group to the pitlane express to get some autographes from some drivers, of course including the winner. We also saw the winners on stage, getting there prices and the champagne'fight'.

And of course there was another afterparty @ Troy's place :)

This week we've decided that we aren't going to Kakadu National Park, because of the drought. Maybe it's still nice, but on the westcoast we will see more and more, crocs, gorges, etc. So instead we've been relaxing in the pool on our camping, enjoying the sun, we saw some friends from Sydney again and we might go to an old prison which ya can have a look at.

Yeah people, this is the life we live. It's a really good life. We like to party and have not to many worries. Hope you'll have it one day as well, cause it's heaps of fun!!

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